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Isaac Addington Contributed by Peikola
Court Secretary to the Massachusetts General Court.
Source Image
M03 Sample of the Scribal Hand of Isaac Addington
M04 Isaac Addington's Signature

Overview Editor
A professional roundhand. Peikola
Orthography Sample Editor
"dyat" for diet   Peikola
"accompt" for account   Peikola
Letter Forms Sample Editor
paragraph-initial A has a long approaching stroke with a loop (eg M03 ms line 3 "At"; M04 ms line 1 "An") Peikola
two capital forms of A and P   Peikola
minuscule e invariably of the italic (ie modern) variety   Peikola
a large wavy macron to indicate suspension   Peikola
the finishing stroke of W tends to extend above the rest of the letter   Peikola
the finishing stroke of word-final r tends to extend above the rest of the letter   Peikola
t occasionally has an unusually long horizontal crossbar (eg M03 ms line 6 "the") Peikola
Abbreviations Sample Editor
"sd" for said   Peikola
"sum$" for summe   Peikola
"Sum$ers" for Summers   Peikola
"ye" for the   Peikola
"bushlls" for bushells   Peikola
"p" for per   Peikola
a superlinear "#" in the abbreviation for the word secretary (transcr. "sec$ry")   Peikola

2 Manuscripts With This Hand:
ID Title Hand Amount Editor
No. 873Response of the General Court to the Account Submitted by Timothy Phillips1* ###Peikola
(?) in the ID column indicates some uncertainty that this actually is this scribe.
* in the Hand column indicates signature on manuscript

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