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Abraham Haseltine Contributed by Peikola
Foreman of the Grand Jury
Source Image
S062 Sample of the Scribal Hand of Abraham Haseltine


4 Manuscripts With This Hand:
ID Title Hand Amount Editor
No. 843Indictment of Daniel Eames, for Afflicting Mary Warren (Returned Ignoramus)3* ##Burns
No. 844Indictment of Tituba, for Covenanting (Returned Ignoramus)2* ##Peikola
No. 845Indictment of Mary Bridges Jr., for Covenanting2 #Grund
No. 846Indictment of Mary Bridges Jr., for Afflicting Rose Foster3* ##Peikola
(?) in the ID column indicates some uncertainty that this actually is this scribe.
* in the Hand column indicates signature on manuscript

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