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John Ballard Contributed by Peikola
Constable in Andover.
Source Image
ecca1313 Sample of the Scribal Hand of John Ballard
B43 John Ballard's Signature

Overview Editor
A hand with an uncertain touch to it. Peikola
Orthography Sample Editor
"mee" for me ("me" occurs as a variant) Peikola
"obedenc(e)" for obedience Peikola
Letter Forms Sample Editor
Large capital I/J Peikola
Capital B with a ‘hook’ in the upper left-hand corner Peikola
Minuscule r of the open 'epsilon' type (Tannenbaum p. 66, no. 8.2) Peikola
Minuscule e is of the secretary type but usually without a loop (a bit like Tannenbaum p. 38, 11.20); confusion with u or a possible Peikola

5 Manuscripts With This Hand:
ID Title Hand Amount Editor
No. 328Summons for Witnesses v. John Willard & Martha Carrier2* ##Burns
No. 423Warrant for the Apprehension of Richard Carrier & Andrew Carrier2* ##Grund
No. 437Warrant for the Apprehension of Mary Bridges Sr.2 ##Grund
No. 443Summons for Witnesses v. Martha Carrier3* ##Peikola
No. 522Warrant for the Apprehension of Elizabeth Johnson Sr. & Abigail Johnson2* ##Grund
(?) in the ID column indicates some uncertainty that this actually is this scribe.
* in the Hand column indicates signature on manuscript

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