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Samuel Hills Contributed by Peikola
Constable of Newbury
Source Image
ecca1176 Sample of the Scribal Hand of Samuel Hills
ecca1176 Samuel Hills's Signature

Orthography Sample Editor
"parsnall" for personal   Peikola
Letter Forms Sample Editor
A distinctive secretary K   Peikola
In minuscule p the descender is slanted to the left and has a very long ‘hook’ at the end.   Peikola
Abbreviations Sample Editor
"ye" for the   Peikola
"mr" for mister   Peikola

1 Manuscript With This Hand:
ID Title Hand Amount Editor
No. 324Summons for Witnesses v. Susannah Martin3* ###Peikola
(?) in the ID column indicates some uncertainty that this actually is this scribe.
* in the Hand column indicates signature on manuscript

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