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Sample Index of Salem Recorders

Five Sample Recorders

1. Cheever, Ezekiel
Sample of Hand of Ezekiel Cheever
2. Flint, Thomas
Sample of Hand of Thomas Flint
3. Pike, Robert
Sample of Hand of Robert Pike
4. Putnam, Thomas Jr.
Sample of Hand of Thomas Putnam, Jr.
5. Willard, Simon
Sample of Hand of Simon Willard

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This data has been compiled by Matti Peikola, Margo Burns, and Peter Grund, Associate Editors of Records of the Salem Witch-Hunt (Bernard Rosenthal, General Editor, Cambridge University Press, 2009).

Images used by permission of the archives which hold the individual manuscripts, and the University of Virginia, which hosts most of the digital versions, courtesy of Benjamin C. Ray. Additional images courtesy of Margo Burns.